A timepiece tells more than time. It tells a story; from aspirations to accomplishments. It is a statement, of style but also of substance. Who you are. What makes you tick.

Wrist Lab began in order to give you a panoramic access to the broadest selection of wristwatches as you choose the right timepiece for yourself. Our range is unrivalled. Showcasing over a 1000 wrist watch models from distinguished brands in one retail space, the Wrist Lab experience helps you navigate the spectrum of possibilities without feeling overwhelmed. We know each timepiece and we help discover oneself in the details; a timepiece to complement your uniqueness.

Our customers deserve attention. At Wrist Lab, it is not the price tag that defines the level of service, but every respectable customer that walks through our doors

Our goal to provide an inclusive, refined experience with the most compelling spectrum of timepieces from the world’s most loved brands, where the match between individual and timepiece happens seamlessly.


You can find the sheer vastness of our timepiece collection in our tagline. The store is an explosion of designs, details and specifications in which to immerse one’s being, positioned at the intersection between style & affordability.

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Whether you are a seasoned watch enthusiast or considering a watch for the very first time, our inclusive list of products and services puts you at ease. Discover the three founding principles of the Wrist Lab experience that inspire everything we have to offer.


Wrist Lab brings you the spectrum of time in all its aesthetic and functional glory. With the most expansive selection of branded wristwatches from which to compare and choose in one space, our aim is to have at least one timepiece for every customer to satisfy their desire, curiosity, and lifestyle.

A Trending Selection

We enable you to choose your statement from among the latest in watches and accessories. A collection of over 1000 models from your most loved brands are kept constantly up-to-date so you don’t compromise on your style and expression.

Fine-tuning the Look

We have a selection of accessories from straps, to winders, to watch boxes, as well as engraving options for customers who desire that extra edge and want to give their own spin on their piece.


Selecting a timepiece can be a process. Wrist Lab has a team of watch specialists to assist you to purchase meaningfully and with confidence. Furthermore, every product available in our store can be traced to an official authorised agent.

Timepiece Therapy

Everybody deserves the right watch, and our Lab experts are attentive to all the variables that you lay on the table. We are with you every step of the way as you find the piece that resonates with who you are and what you need, according to your individual taste and affordability.

The Right Sources

Everything available in our store is authentic and sourced from an official authorised agent. Thus, every item is international, comes with the original warranty, and the assurance of receiving reliable after-sales services if required.


Our doors are always open for efficient, hassle-free services for any branded watch. Whether the watch simply needs a service, or a more complicated operation, we facilitate its swift restoration.

Seamless After-Sales Solutions

We have a network of service centres with the capacity to undertake anything from a regular service to repairing a fault in the mechanism. Since the internal workings of each timepiece can vary, Wrist Lab ensures that each item is only handled by reliable professionals with.